The Extra Benefits of NZ Fuel Cards (& How to Use Them as Employee Incentives)

Jan 12, 2023

Ally Burnie

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

Unlock the full potential of fuel cards for your business with our guide on the extra benefits of fuel cards and how to use them as employee incentives. From food and drink discounts to reward point programs and efficient driver incentives, learn how to level up your business and employee output with fuel cards.

Fuel cards are not just a tool for managing fuel consumption and expenses for business fleets, but they are also an excellent solution for personal employee use. They are incredibly user-friendly, convenient, and come with a wide range of benefits that go beyond fuel, making them a valuable asset for employees as well.

In this article, we’ll explore the extra benefits of fuel cards and how businesses can use them as employee incentives to level up their operations as we delve into the added fuel card benefits like food and drink discounts, reward point programs, and driver incentives which can all be used to create a more motivated and productive workforce.

1. Food and Drink Discounts

food and drink discounts

One of the best examples of the benefits of fuel cards is the food and drink discounts they offer. Although fuel cards may not always provide discounts on fuel costs, they usually provide a range of discounts for drivers on food and drink purchases. Fleet fuel cards give you a range of setup options, allowing you to prohibit or allow purchases of certain brands or products such as gas, oil, wiper fluid, service calls, and food or drink purchases. This means you can provide employee incentives for your drivers, giving them the ability to purchase meals and snacks on the road.

2. Reward Programs

Fuel cards offer a wide range of benefits for companies and their employees, one of which is the reward point programs. Many fuel card providers, such as Z and Caltex, offer reward point programs for their customers which can provide substantial savings or incentives. These programs may include discounts on personal grocery shopping or the ability to earn loyalty points, such as Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars, for personal use. These reward point programs not only help to incentivize and reward employees for their loyalty, but also provide an additional value to the company by driving more business.

3. Motivating & Rewarding Good Drivers

Fuel cards can also be used as an effective tool for motivating and rewarding efficient drivers. Studies have shown that employees are more motivated by creative incentives that they can work towards, rather than just money. One way to achieve this is by offering higher-tiered fuel cards to drivers who meet certain performance targets.

Many fuel card providers offer the ability to track driver kilometres per litre, accounting for maintenance, as well as overall behaviour, and track these alongside the usual driver performance metrics. You can then use this data to identify and reward the most efficient drivers, such as offering an employee of the month award or additional vacation days to those who have the most fuel-efficient monthly record. By setting clear performance targets and letting your employees know what they are, you can motivate them to achieve them.

Level Up Your Business & Employee Output with Fuel Cards

Fuel cards offer businesses and employees a wide range of benefits beyond just managing fuel consumption and expenses. Benefits like food and drink discounts, reward point programs, and the ability to reward efficient drivers make fuel cards a valuable tool for businesses looking to level up their operations and employee output.

By providing employees with the benefits that fuel cards offer, businesses can ensure that their employees are happy and motivated, leading to improved performance and productivity. In conclusion, fuel cards are a powerful tool that businesses can use to increase their output and overall efficiency, all while providing valuable benefits to employees.


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